Special Offers

From time to time, we have a good clear out of stock. Especially after Christmas and Halloween. Fabrics change so fast and designs get discontinued  an awful lot. Sometimes we find some nuggets of fabric that will only make one set of bows for instance.

But we do accumulate odd bits and bobs and we tend do just bundle them up and sell as a whole. We have regular sales throughout the year and great offers.

If we haven’t had time to update this page, please pop over to our Facebook page to see the latest special offers. Also, if you sign up to our Newsletter too, you stay fully up to date with PBHQ. Whats happening? Special offers and updates.

Bundle of the week! One week only, you will get 15% off the normal price!

Bundle of the Week

Each week, a new bundle will be chosen at random!

Every Monday morning a new bundle will be chosen at random. There will be a live on the page for every draw. Then there will be an amazing 15% off the normal price of that bundle. To see what the bundle of the week will be, please visit our Facebook Page for more info.




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