Collar Flower Sets

We love these at Paws Boutique. They are a real labour of love as each one takes time to create. When we see a set completed its such a lovely moment, to see them all together. We fondly say its like looking at a posh box of sweeties.


Each one is different, finished with a centre piece and a ribbon. These can be attached to a collar or harness using the ribbon centre. They are made using using very strong thread, to ensure that the flower and centre piece are safe and secure.

They are ideal as gifts for your customers. Maybe as a birthday present or Christmas gift? Or just because! and why not?

They can be bought individually, in a set of 10 or a set of 25. All prices include recorded and signed for delivery too.

Single Collar Flower

Designs will vary, but we can make them in any colour you like. Just let us know when ordering.


Designs do vary, but we can also take requests.

Set of 25

Designs do vary, but we can also take requests.



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