About Us

Paws boutique is a small business that is based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. I started underneath the stairs in a cupboard and then I grew into a 8×6 shed, which was a lot better. But not for long! I then upgraded to a 14 x 8 Conservatory. 




My name is Jo, I’m a Mother to 3 children, married to my wonderful husband Gary.

Paws Boutique all started in October 2016, from helping out a rescue charity with some bandannas.

I had never even used a sewing machine before. But after a crash course with a friend, I was up and running in no time. I am doing a job I love. I LOVE dogs and I LOVE working along side other woofer lovers. So in my eyes its a DREAM JOB.

The Team!

Well there is MANY people who work behind the scenes at Paws Boutique. Including Hubby, he is chief of transport. His role is to get Paws Boutique on the road. So basically he is my chauffeur. He helps get me out and about when there is long distances to travel. From events to getting supplies. I can drive by the way. I just prefer not to, and I think Gary does too! Plus I use this time to make my collar flowers. 50868945_2856078207860692_2420084157125230592_o.jpg

I work with my little sister, Jennifer. She has been a big part of Paws Boutique from pretty much the start. She is Head of production! (along with many other roles). She stitches most of the orders at Paws. I love working with her and I’m truly lucky to have her on board.

Then a shout to my Mother-in-law, Linda. Linda is a whizz on the sewing machine. At our peak times, she is always there to help out. She also helps out when we have events to attend, by making stock.

Finally, my dear friend, Lorraine. She is as mad as box of frogs, and we wouldn’t have her any other way!  Including making her beautiful felt flowers, she is also used to running me around (can you tell I don’t like driving?). She always makes sure that Paws is fully stocked with her yummy liver cake treats, when we are at events. Lorraine does so much more. But most of all she encouraged me to make that leap into becoming my own boss and create my own small business. For that I will always be truly grateful.

Last but not least.. My kids. All three of them. We fondly come them our minions at Paws Boutique. They help with all the small production jobs from turning bows inside out to helping pack the orders. They put up with me taking over the kitchen most days and are no stranger to eating their dinner on their lap, because I have taken over the dining table.

It really is a family business through and through.