Important News – May 20


Hi Everyone, Thanks for popping over to find out the news.

There is going to be a few changes to Paws Boutique, starting Monday 1st June. The current pandemic is causing problems everywhere. But I wanted to let you know how its affecting me and what I am looking to do to make sure Paws offers the same quality and service.
The huge demand for bandannas and bows has been amazing since reopening. Its great to back at work and getting some kind of normal back into my life. I am also thrilled that so many of you are back at work. If I am busy, I know you all are. I totally understand the pressures of being self employed and running a business as a livelihood. As I type this, there is hope on the horizon for all of us to get back to a ‘new kind of normal’ with more shops and businesses being able to open their doors.
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Planning is vital for any business, as you will know. Also its very important to have a healthy work life balance. If I take nothing from all the drama of the last few months, I have learnt how important it is to me. Personally and professionally.
I do have a system at Paws, whereby orders are booked in and given a time slot to make etc. Bearing in mind everything I make is handmade from scratch and mostly to order. I work alone , except at Christmas, when my lil helper Emma is at hand. But pretty much most of the time its just me. All orders are provisionally booked in until payment is received. After all there is only so many hours in the day. I work to a tight schedule and it works, NORMALLY. However with everything going on its playing havoc with my plans and schedules.
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Starting Monday 1st June, my new opening times are –
  • Mondays – 8am to 6pm
  • Tuesdays –  8am to 6pm
  • Wednesdays –  8am to 6pm
  • Thursdays –  8am to 6pm
  • Fridays – 8am to 4pm
  • Saturdays – CLOSED
  • Sundays –  5pm to 8pm
I understand that many of my customers dont get a chance within them times to get in touch and by all means please do get in touch whenever its best for you. But if its outside these times, please bear with me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If the matter is urgent, please do call me. My number is on the page and website.
At the moment I am finding it difficult to get orders from my suppliers as quick as I am used to. Firstly, I can hand on heart say my main supplier has been working flat out over the last few months. As they supply a range of crafty goodies, demand has been high. So much so they are periodically turning their website off as they cannot keep up with the volume of orders. That must great I hear you say. Yes of course it is, but it is having a knock on effect. Especially when they have a customer like me who orders metres and metres of fabric. Under normal circumstances I would order three times a week. Peak times, it can be daily.
As I order online, there is no real way of them knowing if they have the fabric in stock until they get to my order. This means if a certain fabric isn’t in stock, they will order it in for me. This causes delays and mainly affects bespoke fabric requests.
I have always taken pride in the fact that
  1. I offer a wide range of designs in all my bundles
  2. I can take fabric requests for all my bundles
But the bottle neck at the moment is not only annoying, but I get frustrated when there is delays in getting my orders from suppliers. Sadly, my other supplier isn’t even open. Based in Birmingham, I have bolted over there many times when its been required. Fingers crossed they will be open soon!
Then to top it off there is the postal system not only is it causing me delays getting my delivery’s, it then has a knock on effect getting my orders out. I know that there is other suppliers than Royal Mail that can deliver parcels etc. Some are also cheaper. Pay cheap, get cheap services. Orders go missing, terrible customer service. Call me old fashioned, but I know where I stand with Royal Mail. Normally all my orders go 2nd class signed for, standard for a few reasons
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  1. I use 2nd class in order to keep all my bundles great value prices
  2. Tracked & signed. I know at all times where an order is.
  3. Being tracked also offers me compensation should an order go missing.
I just felt I should put this info out there. I take pride in my work and I know how important it is to be upfront and honest in business.
As of Monday 1st June –
  1. All orders will go 1st Class recorded and signed for. This will normally be with you next day. Where as 2nd class can take up to 3 days. All bundles prices will remain the same for the time being. There will be no price increases
  2. Standard orders, please allow up to 7 days for your order. 
  3. Fabric requests, please allow up to 10 days for your order.
  4. There will be new opening hours for Paws.
  5. All unpaid invoices will be cleared after 48 hours. This then ensures my time is being used to its best.
Orders could very well be with you sooner, but with the way things are I would like to be cautious. The only time I ever have problems is at Christmas. After being in business for 4 years, this is why I am already looking at fabric for Christmas.
I hope all this makes sense and thanks for taking the time to read it all (if you got this far). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks again! Stay Safe & Well.

Thank You x

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