April’s showers brings May’s flowers

Aprils showers brings May flowers.


That was the first thought that came to mind when I woke up this morning. Looked out the window and its typical British weather day. The sky is grey and there is a chill in the air that warrants putting the heating on this morning. I learnt this saying from my dear old Nanny La La and she has been in my thoughts quite a bit lately. Wondering what she would make of all this and what pearls of wisdom she would share. 


My Nan was an avid gardener. My childhood holds lots of memories of her garden. She had the most beautiful Hydrangeas, that were like a pastel, dusty blue colour, with huge big blooms. Then there were her roses. Lovingly looked after, pruned and fed. Vibrant yellows and bold reds, surrounded in luscious emerald green leaves and pointy red thorns on each stem. All framing a very well maintained lawn. This became nature’s picnic blanket, where my sisters and I would sit and eat strawberries dipped in sugar. Before the Parent police come out in uproar, this was in the 80’s


In Nans later years she moved to a bungalow that had a much smaller garden. It was all paved and enclosed. But this didn’t deter her. As soon as the weather had that noticeable change, you could find her at the market the very next day, buying her flowers and shrubs for the summer season. Petunias were her favourite and I can still hear her voice saying the word with such joy. 


Now of course buying plants and tending to them is a commitment. She would buy trays of snow on the mountain, petunias, pansies and so many more that I can’t remember. It would take a good few hours to get all these delicate plants all repotted, positioned, water and fed. A day filled with Nan’s view on the world, the stories from years gone by. Filled with laughs from some of Nans senior moments and plenty of tea! It was a great sense of accomplishment when it was all done.


Then you just had to wait. Make sure they were watered and fed. Then let Mother nature do her job. Just like now, I look out the window at the trees. Many are showing the first leaves of the year and others are just starting to bud. The cherry blossom has bloomed and the change in the wind has now started to scatter the pretty pink petals everywhere. The rain comes and then it’s like all of a sudden there is this big bloom all over. Trees showing their shiney new, fresh green leaves. Flowers forming buds, that will just suddenly pop open. As if they are a reward for being so committed to them. Making sure they were nurtured and tended to.


So how does this apply to life right now I hear you asking yourself. Well for me the saying April’s showers brings May’s flowers reminds me that it’s all about commitment and patience. The same can be said when you brave the world being self employed or you own a business. Being either of those is a huge commitment, but is a rewarding one too. This is an ideal time to plant the seeds in your business. Make the most of this time to look at that one idea that you keep on having. Look at ways you can make things easier for you and your business when this crisis is over. Many businesses have had to diversify, how could you? 


It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. See your business as a garden. It’s time to get rid of the weeds and deadwood in your business. Clear the decks, get all your plant pots ready. These could include:


  • Give your salon a spruce up. Deep clean. Perhaps pop all the towels in the wash with a dye. For a few pounds you can give towels a new lease of life.


  • Checking if you are on the best rates for your utilities. Takes about 20 mins with those comparison sites. It’s always worth a look.


  • Check you are getting the best mobile phone deal. If you are out of contract you could save loads. I saved over £30 a month last month. That’s a lot of money


  • Get your accounts up to date. The tax year for 2019/20 has now ended. Make sure you are up to date with your returns. Very important if you are expecting a grant in June.


  • Look at your other outgoings. Look at new suppliers. Maybe talk to your current suppliers and see if you can get a getter price.


  • Update your website, if you have one. If you haven’t got one, set one up. It really isn’t as hard as you think. If I can do it anyone can!


  • Spring clean your Facebook page. Set up albums showing your grooms. Even break them down to breeds. Really important if you specialise in certain breeds, styles etc..


  • Set up your Google My Business listing. There will be so many people looking for dog groomers when this is over. Be seen! Again this is really is to do.


Also have you noticed that certain days just don’t feel the same do they? I am a creature of habit and for as much as I don’t like Mondays, at the moment I am missing that feeling of a Monday. Missing that Friday feeling and the genuine feeling of a lazy Sunday. This is all about to change!


Paws is reopening for business. As lovely as it would be to be open and busy, I am under no illusion that it will be a tad quieter than normal for this time of year. But I am one of those that needs that structure of getting up, washed, dressed and face the day. I want my Mondays back, if nothing more to appreciate that Friday feeling a bit more. 


I feel that it’s important that we all make the very best use of our time the next 3 weeks. If we can do the best to ensure that normal (whatever that is) routines still carry on, life won’t feel as strange as the last three weeks have. I think routine is so important and even more so in a crisis. Nobody knows when this will be over, but it will be at some point. Then we can sit back and smell the roses. 


Jo & Miss Lucy x


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