Facebook Etiquette

Etiquette. A word I associate with the posh. Sitting there with Cucumber sarnies with crusts cut off. Earl grey tea, using the best china and pinkys poised. But did you know there is an unwritten rule, when it comes to using other people’s posts?

There is a ‘science’ to Facebook, trust me. It’s called ‘algorithms’. Yeah went over my head too at first. But as a business that relies on Facebook a lot, it’s worth knowing. Hopefully this little bit of info will help you too. It’s important to remember there are Facebook rules AND there is Facebook etiquette.

Copying other peoples work this has to be one of the biggest rule breakers on Facebook, when it comes to etiquette. We all want lots of comments and likes on our pages. Along with new customers and enquiries. It’s what business is all about. But if you share an image, meme etc and class it as your own, it’s really frowned upon, by both Facebook and other people. Rightly so too!

Copying someone else’s work isn’t the way to get customers, Facebook is about ‘community’. Although, most of all, you should respect and acknowledge the time and effort that some has put into making it such a brilliant post, blog, meme etc.

But did you know, when sharing someone else’s work it can be really good for you? In a way, it’s more of a benefit on your page for you to share the original post, blog, meme etc. It’s hard to do that sometimes I know. I am in groups whereby content is not allowed to be shared. It’s part of the rules. Plus, believe it or not there is a legal side to it too. It’s worth bearing this in mind. 

It’s a BIG NO NO to take other people’s ‘content’ and use it as your own. I think it’s important that if someone has clearly put a lot of effort into what they have written , that you should shout that person out. If you appreciate it that much, then show it. It’s good Etiquette, or to you and me, it’s good manners!

Here are my 3 ways to share content on your Facebook page, whilst observing your manners:

  • Share a link to the original image on your Facebook status update. If this has been a really popular post on their page, it will give you brownie points with FB. This in turn will create more traffic to your page. I think you should always appreciate the original post too. Give a reaction or comment. Either or, it doesn’t matter. It’s just polite.


  • Share the piece of content via the original page/person instead of transferring it to your own. Dont screenshot it, SHARE it. The original post struck a chord with you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be sharing it. I share lots on my page (that sometimes includes totally random stuff) and I am always sure to add my comments. It reinforces the sentiment I am putting across and lets people know about me. There is no denying, people buy from people. When offering goods and service, it really isn’t any different.  


  • It’s just plain polite to ask for permission before sharing something that isn’t yours. If I see something in a group, I ask, if no one has already asked if they can share it. Nine times out Ten they will say yes of course. For instance, even when I am sent pictures of dogs wearing a Paws bandanna or bow, I have to seek permission to share the image on my page. 


BUT.. bear this in mind too, when struggling for ideas to post on your page. If most of the content you share is not yours, then how will your customers get to know you? It’s really important to build that relationship with your customers. It builds trust and confidence in you and your business. 

Rather than copy, why not try and be creative? There are loads of free apps that you can use to create meme’s. You can even add your logo. This also helps to make sure no one steals your hard work too! I use Canva mainly. It’s ever so simple to use. If i can use it anyone can.

 It’s always worth keeping an eye out for posts that you can relate to your business, some of my inspirations have come from some unusual place. If you see posts on Facebook totally unrelated to what you do, think about how you can make it be more like you? Give your take on it. Make it relate to what to do as much as you can. It’s important to remember it’s not always about ‘selling’ what you do. Engage with your customers. 

It’s been wonderful to see you all keeping on top of your Facebook posts, with hints and tips. It’s also great to see you sharing really positive things and conveying the message of being safe. I just wanted to share the information I have and what I have learnt, from using Facebook as a way to promote Paws Boutique.. 

Be you, remember your manners and always ask permission.


Jo & Miss Lucy


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