Snatching Toys

You were taught not to snatch for a reason. Remember being taught this? The struggle to understand and learn at a very early age, that just because you want it and somebody has what you want, it doesn’t mean you can just take it. It’s a lesson all children should be taught. Because that’s how life is. So Why is it any different to stealing customers?

I have never been one to read the terms and conditions. I scroll, click accept and be done with it if the truth be known. What’s the worst that can happen? They steal my information, it’s sold or god forbid I lose money. Its very different when it comes to business.

Businesses have been affected massively and as such there are now new rules and regulations. Certain places such as pubs and restaurants have been closed. Supermarkets are having to be responsible to ensure social distancing. But overall, non essential businesses have been asked to close. Under the umbrella of pet services, from dog walking to boarding, from training to dog grooming. All have been shut, with the exception of Vets who are only accepting emergencies and have suitable procedures to ensure they can help any animal in a medical emergency.

Regardless of what type of business you are, there is every possibility that the COVID19 has changed how many businesses can operate, and that is if they are able to.

It’s become clear that there are some grey areas when it comes to Dog grooming businesses. There is conflicting information everywhere and from different sources which you think would be reliable. The vast majority have heeded the government’s overall advice and closed. They have been classed as non essential. This has been disputed massively.

And while these debates continue, there are many others who are hell bent on finding loopholes in the rules. I understand that we are talking about people’s livelihoods. My stance is if you choose to carry on then i think you are very foolish and selfish. Your customers could also face legal action. But this isn’t just about the laws and loopholes, you are playing Russian roulette with people’s lives.

What shocks me the most is that there are individuals and businesses now who are now poaching another person’s customers. It just beggars belief and most of all its distasteful. Not only are they poaching customers, to add insult to injury they are also offering their services at a greatly reduced rate. I am a business owner and competition is something I face every day.

However, to go and actually poach another’s customers is just appalling to say the least, especially when considering you are ignoring official guidance and your own moral responsibility, to do your part to stay safe and save lives.

I understand the financial impact that COVID19 has had on the self-employed. I am self employed too. My customers have closed, therefore I have. I know my competitors are still working in one form or another. However for the record, I will not be accepting orders if they are for businesses that are continuing to trade as normal. 

To those that continue to groom I have some questions for you. What if you get bitten? Where will you go? The hospital! So that will be an extra drain on what are already precious resources. That is already working flat out saving lives. But hey that’s OK as long as you are getting paid to groom fluffy. Who was matted due to irresponsible owners. Never mind fluffys owners, coming out to bring their dog and running the risk of spreading the virus. Is your conscience clear? Do you even care? I saw a post on social media, it said imagine if you got COVID19 and you were asked to list all the people you had been in contact with. Would you be proud of your actions? Well would you?

Integrity is something that can not be bought and to all those that are still working, may you live with stupid risks you have taken. To those that are abiding by the new rules under lock down, hang on in there. I am in doubt that this will be over, sadly I wish I knew when.

Remember, your loyal and super customers will wait for you. These will be the customers asking for advice or even sharing their dodgy DIY at home grooming efforts. These are your genuine customers. They will wait for you and they will perhaps have a better understanding of what it is you actually do. Because its not all about playing with dogs everyday is it? But most of all they will see the genuine worth in the prices you charge. Remember this too, you only get what you pay for in this world. You pay cheap, you get cheap. Sames goes for dog grooming. You pay for a cheap cut, the quality is nearly always just as cheap.

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