C’mon BoJo

Unpopular opinion, but i think Boris is the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time. I base that on my own beliefs in how the world should be, anyway.

I have never really rooted for any kind of politician, as I thought they were all in it for themselves. Let’s not forget the scandal over the duck house a while back. I was always told never to discuss politics and religion either growing up. Since turning 40 last year and the whole drama with Brexit, I think i grew up and understood that if I wanted my voice to be heard, I should choose someone who speaks my language and has the same beliefs as me.

Boris came along (although he has been around for many years) and yea he may be from Eton, silver spoon, blah blah. His passion for my country was infectious. The more the other party tried to take swipes, the stronger he came back. His biggest idol is Sir Winston Churchill after all.



I can’t fault him or our government at the moment. He has stood by his promise

“I am humbled that you have put your trust in me, and that you have put your trust in us. And I, and we, will never take your support for granted.

And I will make it my mission to work night and day, flat out, to prove you right in voting for me this time, and to earn your support in the future”

And he has and still is. Currently in hospital and leading our country through this nightmare. Directly or indirectly, he is till our Prime Minister.

Lord knows there are kinks in the system. delays, risks, lock-downs. The truth is this, we have never faced anything like this before. This is different to 7/7, 9/11 and I am even old enough to remember the conflicts in Ireland. We are all facing the unknown and its scary. A feeling of not being alone, in all this is reassuring for me at the moment. Lets not forget that many will lose their lives in vain. Each day it starts to show in you how this awful virus can infect your life in so many other ways. 

The most upsetting thing for me at the moment is those who flout the rules. It seems like Mother Nature is further testing our commitment to make sure we do all we can to stay at home. We are in the middle of a real first break in the weather since winter and the lighter nights are just a treat. It’s natural to want to be out. I heard the first whirr of motorbikes on the road at the weekend. It’s always a good indication that the weather is good. It’s a sound that always makes me smile. I have been Silvertsone and it was electric energy to be around. All that power and speed. 

Sadly, it’s not as exciting as it used to be. I found myself thinking, what if you get hurt? You will be calling on services that are already stretched. Not only are you having to call on these precious services, you could also be at risk at catching the virus itself. Our NHS is stretched already. You can argue it’s after years of cutbacks, but our Government is preparing for what is to come. Every action you make at the moment needs to be considered carefully. The message is very simple: STAY AT HOME.

Our government has created these vast hospitals in a matter of weeks. It’s important to remember what’s happening now and not what has happened in the past. These hospitals will be run by our dedicated front-line workers, who I fear will become patients themselves. Have you stopped to think about the people who are looking after the sick? The odds are so much greater for them to catch this virus. They are putting themselves at risk in order to save others. They are heroes and I will forever be indebted to them.

I feel that the Nightingale hospitals will be there for some time. It’s a virus, it needs to be contained. I recently recalled the time that me and my 3 sisters all caught chicken pox at the same time. My poor Mom had a newborn, toddler, 6 and 8 year old. I remember being cooped up in the house for weeks. I reminded my Mom and acknowledged how stressful that must have been too. As a mother she knew how contagious it was and did everything she could and had to to ensure it wasn’t passed on. Especially to vulnerable grand parents and pregnant women. Its not that dissimilar to what is happening now when you think about it.

I think we are a long way away from normal. It will be months before the deaths will end. People will die, but how many will depend on other people’s actions. At a time where many of us feel powerless, we need to remember we have more control than we think. Yes our lives have been turned upside down. Businesses are suffering. Our livelihoods are in suspended animation. Just paused. Things will get back to normal though. But until then we must do what we can, where we can and when we can. But you know when its hit the fan, when Her Majesty the Queen is on the TV and there isn’t a Christmas tree in sight. This has left the mind worm for Dame Vera Lynns, We’ll meet again, for days. Thanks for that Liz.

I understand how hard it is not to see our family and friends. I also totally appreciate how difficult it is having to live in lock down and dare I say spend time with family after living apart. We all get stressed at Christmas when the family comes over, but we grin and bear it because they will eventually go home. By the time Christmas is over we are all looking forward to getting back to work, routine and normality.

I pray Boris fights with all might and is back at 10 Downing street, where he belongs as soon as possible. Besides from being our PM, he is someone’s partner, soon to be father, son, brother and friend. His life is worth no more or no less than everybody elses. He asked us to do one thing, stay at home. If you can do nothing else at the moment, STAY AT HOME. It really is as simple as that. C’mon BoJo, our country needs you!

As Madge said, we will meet again. On that note, its been emotional and I’m outta here! Stay Safe and Save Lives

Jo x


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