The story of a crate cover

As you know I spend most days in my craft shed making, bandannas, collar ties and bows. I get so excited when i get to see pics of the woofers wearing my creations.

Every day I see doggy’s in my news feed and I see pictures of beautiful dogs wearing my creations, looking very cute (one of the many perks of my job) and sometimes I see them cosy up in their crates and I thought how sweet they look, but I couldn’t help but notice how ugly the metal crates look.
As you know, I love fabric and I love variety out there to choose from. I can go to the warehouse and I am like a kid in a sweet shop! But One day.. whilst sitting at my sewing machine I thought how beautiful the fabric was that I was using to make a bandannas for an order that had been placed by a groomer and then I thought how lovely would it be to make a matching cover for an ugly crate.

The rest is history! I asked one of my groomer to help me out as I didn’t own a crate so I needed someone who did. She agreed and we started by getting the measurements of the crate and then I made a mock crate cover for her to test. I sent this off and waited to hear back.

This was my first ever attempt at a cover. I used a duvet set.

The next day, I received a message in my inbox from a very excited lady. She loved it .. but her pooch loved it even more so. She mentioned that he would sometimes take himself of to his crate if the salon got busy, but wouldn’t settle for too long, but having this cover over the cage seemed to help him settle more and for longer.

Why? This was because he felt cosy and it was now his den. His hideaway, safe place. The little fella regularly attends dog shows and she normally uses a blanket to cover the crate whilst at the events, just like other owners to keep him from getting too excited and loved the thought of having a FUN cover for his crate.

That’s when the fun bit started.. We started looking at fun fabrics and here is what I created!

Loved the sweetie design of this fabric

Now as I said I didn’t own a crate and I have never used one and it got me thinking. I started to look at the benefits and uses of crates. I had a chat with fellow dog owners as I have never needed to use a crate with my dogs and I wanted to hear other people’s stories and reasons first hand.
I knew that crates were used to help people who were fostering dogs, to create a ‘safe place’ for them to go to. Especially if they had been traumatised.

Many of the people I know, foster. They mainly rescue dogs from puppy farms. Dogs are cave dwelling animals and crates provide them with a ‘den’. Crates are useful for busy households as well, especially if a family have homed a younger dog and have children. If things are hectic then the little furbabys can take them self off to their hidey holes and feel safe. Crates are also used for nursing mummy’s and her pups. Giving her the space and peace she needs whilst looking after her baby’s.

I was also told that owners initially used crates for training purposes. Such as toilet training and to ensure that homes are not chewed to pieces, and even as the dogs become older, they still use them just for somewhere to cosy up for a snooze. The doors are always left open. One owner told me that their dog would nudge the door shut behind him. How sweet is that?
So Safety and comfort are the main reasons. They are used whilst travelling. They are used to keep dogs safe and secure whilst away in their caravans as well. Basically a crate is a sanctuary for a dog, its their space, their go to place when they may want to feel safe or just get out the way to enjoy a juicy bone in peace.

All the owners I spoke to said that they chucked blankets or towels over the crate to make it cosier or to block or muffle loud noises such as fireworks. These crates are normally kept in the kitchen. Sticking out like a saw thumb and they loved the idea of being able to make them look more pretty and less conspicuous than a steel crate.

Crates are a part of the furniture in most households that own dogs. But a crate is hardly a soft furnishing and can look harsh to some people and some feel that a crate is cruel, but in fact, a crate is the most natural thing for a dog.

A pretty, fun, sweet cover takes that thought away. We have nice duvet sets, curtains and sofas. Now dogs can too!

The only limitation is your imagination! From Liquorice all sorts to sugar skulls… your favourite colour.. each design can be unique for you and your pooch.. just like choosing a duvet set, curtains, you can now have a choice for a crate cover!

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